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For over 25 years, Dec-Tec® has delivered proven waterproofing, and roofing solutions for decks, balconies, and walkways. As North America's leading innovator in pedestrian traffic bearing PVC membranes, along with industry leading system accessories, and components, water intrusion problems on deck areas are a thing of the past. Dec-Tec has over 25 years of proven technology, and proven performance.


Dec-Tec's membrane are adhered to the deck substrate- by either a water-based or solvent-based adhesive. The membrane roll stock, once adhered to the substrate, is heat-welded together to create a completely waterproof seam, that is stronger than the membrane itself.

Fire Resistant

Dec-Tec Guardian is the only deck membrane in the industry to achieve a Class C fire rating. When directly adhered to 5/8” T&G plywood, our unique fiberglass reinforcement combined with our exclusive spread coat process provides our ability to meet, and exceed the requirements of Class C fire rating.


If you are planning an outdoor living room to gather with friends, and family there is nothing like experiencing the comfortableness that Dec-Tec has to offer our clients. Legacy Service will provide the best service, and products to assure your satisfaction!

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It is our responsibility to make sure we all do our part to help save the enviroment. We must choose sustainable products, and manufacturers, as concious people. However, we must also take a logical, and educated approach to determine which products are simply the best. At Legacy Service, we have just that: safe, sound, products that make your house feel like a home. 


Your deck or balcony should be a place you can walk barefoot in comfort, but exposure to wind, rain, and snow takes a toll on unprotected surfaces. Legacy Service USA is happy to offer the solution. The Dec-Tec traffic membrane, applied by our team of experts, is waterproof, fire resistant, and so comfortable that you can walk on it barefoot no matter how many storms your deck or balcony has weathered. Seal away the elements and preserve your favorite home perch with the help of the Legacy team.

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