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When you are wondering, “What is the best roofing company near me?” you should look no further than Legacy Service. At Legacy, we believe that your roof should not only protect your home and family, but should have style and increase your curb appeal. Whether you choose traditionally designed asphalt roofing in stunning colors, the time-honored style of standing seam metal roofing, or the stately looks of copper roofing, real wood shake, and synthetic slate, our teams of factory certified pros will do the job right. With our customers as our guide, Legacy has the installation experience and confidence to turn houses into dream homes.
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Experience alone is not enough

At Legacy Service, we believe that experience alone is not enough. Not only do we have decades of experience to provide superior installations, we believe that a commitment to industry and craft results in beautiful homes that are not only high quality, but works of art. Being the best roofing company we can be is important to us. We take pride in the reviews from our customers and our A+ rating with Better Business Bureau.


Legacy Service is a member in good standing with both the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). NRCA & NARI are two of the most well respected remodeling industry associations, dedicated to adherence to best practices in installations and safety and furthering the industry through education and advocacy. Part of the NRCA’s mission is to “inform and assist the roofing industry, act as its principal advocate and help members in serving their customers.” Legacy is proud to be one of only 3.5% of the roofing industry recognized for their strong beliefs in performing the work properly.

Types of work provided by Legacy Service

A a roofing installation and roofing replacement company, we strive to provide the best services including:


Manufacture of metal and copper roofs

We are not just a roofing replacement company: we also manufacture our own metal roofs, which helps us ensure that we can provide the highest quality roofs and best service possible.

Replacement and installation of roofs

If you want to get a new roof installed for your home, come to Legacy for the best quality, price, and selection. We will help you design your ideal roof based on your vision for your home. You will definitely love the roof replacement service you receive from us at a cost that is right for you.


At Legacy, we are more than just another roofing company. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decisions. That is why we offer no pressure consultations upfront to provide you with an honest estimate from a certified roofing contractor. Reach out and schedule your free consultation today.

Services offered by us at Legacy Service

We offer a variety of residential roofing related services:

Asphalt shingles

Installing a complete roofing system with Legacy Service will not only bring your roof up to code, but will also carry a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Our products are carefully chosen by our experts to ensure that we provide only the best options. A roof contributes to around 40% of the aesthetic value of a house, so choosing the right shingles will not only protect your home, but be a huge improvement to its style and value. The asphalt roofing system Legacy recommends is superior in the ways that matter most: industry-leading proprietary technology, the best colors and styles available in the business, and the most beneficial manufacturer’s warranties to cover material and workmanship.


A metal roof installed by Legacy is as durable as they come. Unlike some roofing materials, the right metal roof will keep its sheen, and will look good over the long haul. Storm coming? No problem. The right metal roof will withstand up to 140 mph winds and will come with a lifetime warranty making for a reliable, sound investment.

Synthetic slate

A slate roof is a perfect complement to a historic, or distinguished home: nothing can compare to the classic look of slate. Real slate can be problematic, however, often requiring additional framing, bracing, and engineering to accept the weight. Roofs with existing slate often need constant costly repair. Synthetic slate comes in a variety of traditional styles and colors and mimics the look of authentic slate perfectly without the additional weight or maintenance. Synthetic slate installed by Legacy Service looks genuine enough to be used for historic restoration projects and will give your home the protection it deserves.


Cedar roofs have a special warmth, elegance, and classical architectural look that is the very definition of style. This material is perfect for people who want to keep or create an authentic, historic look for their home without compromising on quality.


Legacy Service's copper roofing system is as elegant and magnificent as they come. A copper roof can perfectly complement any style of building, whether it be a modern or traditional roof. With an alluring design, copper is a unique and authentic option that reflects a sense of architectural taste, status, and elegance.


Areas served

Legacy Service is taking care of:

  • Pennsylvania:
  • Bucks
  • Montgomery
  • Philadelphia
  • Chester
  • Delaware
  • Delaware:
  • New Castle
  • New Jersey:
  • Hunterdon
  • Burlington
  • Mercer
Legacy Service is here to provide solutions for you. We have the best reviews from our customers and it proves that we will complete your project perfectly.

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