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The biggest benefit of copper roofing is its elegance and attractiveness. Available in various different finishes from period brown and bright milled to pre-painted green, a copper roof perfectly complements any style of building, whether it be modern or traditional. It is also a great option for a more environmentally conscious individuals, it's ability to conduct heat just makes for a economically sound investment.


When using copper as a natural material, a client can feel confident in it's abilities due to it has been used several centuries back in history . Many medieval constructions were roofed in copper, and some still exist today. With longevity and energy efficiency being top priorities when designing, and renovating buildings, copper roofing are fast becoming a very popular metal roofing option for both industrial and residential properties.

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One of the more attractive attributes that a contractor can possess is the experience that he or she can bring to a homeowners project. While every contractor says that their experience is superior, Legacy actually has a unique level of expertise that leverage us, against the competition.

Legacy Service, will be the only siding contractor you choose for our knowledge, and experience with fiber-cement, vinyl, wood, and aluminum. We guarantee that you will enjoy your investment through the use of proper installation, and by incorporating only the most durable product lines in the industry.

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