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Durability and Maintenance

This siding is sturdy, and durable. Natural wood siding will eventually get wet, which will lead to deterioration, and rot. However, composite siding overcomes these potential threats. The material is also non- combustible, and the maintenance is minimal, compared to that of real wood.

Variety of look

The interlocking system, and seamless look make it enticing to clients. Multiple color options that carry a warranty are also what attracts people to this product. It's real wood like appearance makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Legacy Service is proud of our products, and we stand behind them, and our work. Let us show you today, the Legacy way. Call now.

Industry Experience

Legacy's Skilled contractors possess the experience that can only be convayed on the drafting table.They crave to be challenged, and are always above all professional. Legacy offers an unique level of expertise that leverages against the competition. 

We are the only siding contractor with the education, and experience with side installation. We guarentee that you will enjoy your newest investment through the use of proper instalation, while incorporating the most durable products in the industry that will ensure your satisfaction. 


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