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Cedar siding is a magnificent building material it is dependable and beautiful. It is a terrific insulator thanks to low density, and the variety of styles that come from leaving it untreated, allows a range of styles for any desired intention.


Cedar has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, allowing you to leave the wood untreated without worry of excess warping, rotting and cracking.

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Legacy Service will be the most elite siding contractors you can choose from. Our knowledge of instalation simply cannot be beat!  We offer matirials like: fiber-cement, vinyl, wood, and aluminum.They are state of the art, and are hand picked with thought, and care. Nothing but the best for our clients! We guarantee that you will enjoy your investment through the use of proper instalment. When you choose the most durable product lines in the industry, you know you are getting quality that you can trust.  

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