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Our mission is to bring something beautiful, and reliable to our clients. We pride ourselves on able to install the best windows, and doors solutions for your home. At Legacy Service, there is integrity, and strength built behind every window. A good window is essential to preventing condensation, drafts, and leaks into your home. Having good quality windows can even reduce your heating, and cooling bills! Call Legacy Service today!

Natural Heating and Cooling

Historically, windows were designed with surfaces parallel to vertical building walls. Such a design allows a considerable amount of solar light to heat up your homes naturally. There are a variety of materials to choose from, such as our fiberglass windows- that are sure to please any client. When you hire Legacy Service for your home improvement projects, you should feel confident that your in the best hands by choosing such an experienced installer.

Industry Experience

One of the more attractive attributes that a contractor can possess is the experience that he, or she can bring to a homeowners project. Legacy Service actually has a unique level of expertise that leverages us against the competition everytime! 


Legacy Service, will be the only installer you choose for your project. We guarantee that you will enjoy your investment through the use of proper installation, and by only installing the most durable product industry, Legacy Service can assure success! 

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Legacy Service is taking care about Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties of Pennsylvania, Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Hunterdon counties of New Jersey, New Castle County of Delaware.


Please contact us, Legacy Service USA is here to provide a solution for you today! (267)777-7717.