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posted on May 08,2018

Best Roofing Materials for Your Home


Updating or replacing your existing roof adds more value to your home and gives it a new look and feel. The material you choose for your roof can take your homes curb appeal to the next level. When searching for a new roof, many homeowners instantly think that asphalt shingles are their only option. Though asphalt remains to be one of the most popular roofing materials, there is a wide array of materials to choose from when looking to replace or install a new roof to your home.


When choosing which roofing material you’ll be using, there are many things you’ll want to take into consideration. The weight of the material, cost, life span, and many more factors will determine which type of roof is the best fit for your home. When you have a good idea of what your home needs the most, it will be a breeze picking out what roof you’re going to use.




Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material used in the U.S. Drive around any neighborhood and you’ll see many homes crowned with asphalt shingles. Their popularity and quality have withstood the test of time and continues to be the number one option for residential homes. This type of roof is very economical and easy to install. Choosing asphalt means you don’t have to break the bank while purchasing a trustworthy roof that will live up to its integrity. Asphalt shingles can be reinforced with fiberglass or cellulose without altering the appearance of the shingles. They work with many different style homes such as traditional, contemporary, colonial, and many more. With good care and maintenance, an asphalt shingle roof can last you about 15 – 20 years. You can purchase shingles that come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your home perfectly. Choosing this type of roof is good for your wallet and home.




You may be familiar with seeing metal roofs adorning the tops of commercial buildings. Over the years, homeowners have started seeing the appeal with metal roofs and using them to accent their asphalt roofs, or completing their whole roofing system with metal panels or shingles. Aluminum, copper, zinc, and stainless steel are popular material choices when picking out a metal roof. This material has many benefits such as being sleek, lightweight, recyclable, and durable. If you never want to deal with roof replacement for the remainder of the time that you live in your home, metal roofing is the perfect option. A metal roof will last you 30-50 years, and if you choose copper, it can last you a lifetime. Aesthetics is also a great plus when you go with metal roofing. Your home will surely stand out with the bold colors and shine that is available in metal panels. Contemporary homes, cabins, cottage style homes, and traditional are just some of the many styles of houses that look amazing with metal roofing. Though metal roofing can be relatively expensive, it’s worth every penny because of the durability, amazing looks, and the lack of maintenance it requires.




Slate roofing gives your home a touch of beauty and a distinctive elegant presence. With a mixture of greys, greens, reds, purples, and blues, a slate roof offers a colorful and classic look to any home. Slate is another great material to choose if you are in search of a very durable roof. It is fire resistant and can last up to 100 years. Natural slate is somewhat heavy and may require extra framing. Luckily there are synthetic slate options that gives you the same beauty as natural slate, without the extra weight and maintenance. Natural slate tiles last up to 50 – 100 years while a synthetic slate roof can last the same amount of time with less upkeep. Slate roofing is also fairly expensive, but you can save money by choosing synthetic slate. This is a roofing material is sustainable and never goes out of style. Slate roofs look great on a number of different architectural styles and give your home an unforgettable look.




For many years, even before the rise of popularity in asphalt, wooden roofs were the go-to for homeowners. Wood shingles give homes a rustic feel and remain looking great even as they weather into a beautiful grey shade. If you are looking for a very unique roof, wood shake or shingles are the way to go. Wooden shake is handmade while the shingles are machine cut. Both options give your home a cozy look that other roofing types can’t achieve. Wooden roofs require a bit more maintenance than other materials but can last you up to 25-30 years when you take care of them. Though wooden shake or shingles are not the best for wet climates due to molding, they are very sustainable and always recyclable.   Ranging around $100 to $150 a square, cedar is a little more expensive than asphalt but will last you 10 years longer. When in search of an energy efficient roof that provides natural insulation and makes your home look great, cedar roofing is the way to go.




If you love a refined and textured look, concrete or clay tiles are a great option. These tiles are mainly flat, ribbed, or scalloped and in all cases, extremely durable. Just like slate, concrete or clay tiles are very heavy and has to be installed by a professional. Concrete is less expensive than clay but all together both range around the price of $300 – $500 a square. With the benefits of being non-combustible and energy efficient, a concrete or clay roof will be able to protect your home for 40 – 50 years. This roof is great at keeping its original shade for many years and will give your home a beautiful Southwestern and Spanish style feel.


Replacing a damaged roof or installing a new one is an expensive and important investment. It’s vital to know what kind of protection your home needs and what weight it can handle when it comes to supporting a roof. Once you take those factors into consideration, there is a multitude of material options to choose from. Each home is different and every homeowner should be able to display their originality by having a beautiful and unique home. When you decide to change your roof, think beyond asphalt shingles and choose a roof that looks great and protects your home.

Posted on May 08,2018 in Roof

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Two of the most popular roofing materials on the market are metal and asphalt, and both offer different pros and cons to a customer.

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