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    Choosing a roof color Done


    6 Ways to Choose the Best Roof Color for Your Home


    Shopping for new home decor is an incredibly fun time. There are so many new styles and different ways to change your home that will give it a fresh new look. Furniture, paint, lighting, and more! But what about changing the outside of your home to make your neighbors do a double take each time they pass by? When it comes to curb appeal, shopping for exterior products have to be done with a little more caution. For example, if you are in the market for a new roof and want to change roof colors, you want to make sure to pick a roof color that is the right style the first time since it may not be as easy to return as something like a sofa. As a homeowner, buying a new roof doesn’t happen often, so choosing the right style and color for your home may be a tough task. It’s very important to understand how to choose a roof color correctly the first time so you won’t dread looking at your home for the next 20+ years. Carefully planning out your roofing color scheme will help create a sense of harmony by bringing together the colors of your home and your new roof.  Before you dive into your new roofing project, take the time to read the 5 tips below to help you choose the best color roof that will get your neighbors talking.

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    Check out Your Architecture

    Changing your roof is a lot more than matching your roof color to your house color. The architectural style of your home can play a big part in what color you choose for your roof.  You want the style and color of your roof to go with the style of your home. If you have a classic home, it’s best to go with a classic color palette that contains neutral colors such as beiges, browns, and blacks. If your home has a historical significance, you won’t want to stray away from the traditional style of its architecture. Natural slate will compliment a historicals home structure while not changing its authentic look. Victorian and colonial home also pair well with slate adding more charm to its detailed exterior. Mediterranian or Spanish style homes that have a stucco facade go well with orange-red color metal or clay tiles. The curvature of these tiles makes the home pop out a little more without taking away from its walls.

    Show off Your Features

    Every home has a unique set of features that makes it stand out. Does your home have a wrap around porch? Bay windows? Or stone and brick walls? Whichever feature you love about your home the most, you can highlight it by using a complementary color on your roof. To make your gorgeous covered porch pop, avoid roof colors that resemble wood or paint. You don’t want to create a blending effect that makes it harder for your porch to stand out. Are your windows the envy of the neighborhood? Make your neighbors look even more by choosing a roof color that contrasts the color of your window trim. If you have a home covered in beautiful stone, you won’t want to distract from the eye-catching quality of the stone walls. It’s best to choose a darker neutral that emphasizes the stone’s natural color variances rather a patterned roof that will pull the attention away from it, you can also use this technique for a brick home

    Don’t Forget about the Sun

    You’ve been shopping around to choose shingle colors and finally found the perfect sample that looks like it belongs right on top of your home. Finally, you know exactly how your roof is going to come out. Put that sample down and think again! Never only look at roof samples in artificial lighting and think you know what it will look like once it is installed. Take the sample home and hold it up to your house during a couple of different times of the day. The sun can create a different color for each region depending on the time of the year. Northerners experience more of a blue tint while southerners tend to experience a red glow. The sun in the summertime can intensify your roof’s color while those overcast winter days can create a more washed out effect. Take all this into consideration while picking out your new roof color. It’s easy to get excited once you see a color you like online or in a store, but always be sure about to know how they look in natural lighting; it can change the color completely.

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    Make. A. Statement.

    Or not. Do you want to pick an unusual color combination to make your home the talk of the town? Maybe you’re more of a traditional homeowner and just want the neighbors to appreciate the subtle beauty of your home. Put thought into how you want others to view your home and that can help you choose between bold colors and neutral colors. If you live in a neighborhood that has a homeowners association or subdivision rules and covenants, be sure to know whether or not your roof has to match with your neighbors.

    Strive to be Energy Efficient

    It may be hard to believe, but just the color of your roof can affect how your home is insulated and can be a factor in how much your energy bills cost you. Generally, lighter colors will reflect heat while darker colors absorb it. Darker shingles can be a whole 10 degrees warmer than lighter shingles. The material will affect this also. Metal roofs are far more superior to asphalt shingles when you’re looking for a roof to block out the heat. Metal roofing comes in a variety of finishes that will add style, bold color, and increase solar reflectance. If metal isn’t your style and you really have your eyes set asphalt shingle roofing, there are still many treatments available to make your roof “cooler”. Don’t forget roof combinations like asphalt and metal accents are available if you want to take advantage of the benefits that both materials offer. A bold metal roof color with the classic look of asphalt will stand out in any neighborhood.

    Call a contractor:

    If you’re completely in a fog about picking the right shingle color for the roof of your home, it’s a great idea to call a reliable contractor. Experts like Legacy USA’s project consultants have an eye for style and can help match the best color roof for your home. They specialize in how to pick shingle colors and colors or all other roofing materials. Take photos of your homes exterior to send to a contractor or have them come out to your house. Browse the options they have available in the provided catalogs. Also, if you’ve been doing some online research or looking through magazines and have an idea of the look you want to achieve, bring that to the contractor so it gives them an idea of what you want. Always remember that a reputable roofer will have a license and certification from your state’s department of labor. They should be able to provide you with proof of liability insurance and a written proposal for the roof job. If a contractor is unable to show you documentation, it’s best to not use them.

    Don’t let the excitement of picking out a new roof and new roof color cause you to make quick and careless decisions. Be careful and take all the factors stated above into consideration. Once your roof is installed, it will take a lot of money and effort to change a roof color if you’ve made the wrong decision. From style preference, home structure, lighting, and more, there are so many things to think about when choosing a color for your new roof. Remember the only way your roof will look great, regardless of the color you choose, is if it is installed professionally with quality workmanship. A qualified roofing professional is the best way to go when you want the best looking roof in your neighborhood.

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