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    How to Secure a Sliding Patio Door?

    Sliding door

    A sliding door is a stylish solution for a patio. It’s not only convenient, but it also ensures that sun rays will find their way into the room, making it bright and vivid. Check out some of this door’s advantages:

    • It’s a space-saving solution, making it possible to use the area near the door.
    • There’s no doorstep needed, so you don’t have to worry about stubbing your toes.
    • Nothing else is needed to keep it open. It’s also easy to adjust the opening so that you can let in fresh air whenever you want.

    In most cases, sliding doors are completely made of glass, which may cause burglars to think it’s easier to break into the house.

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    However, you can secure a sliding patio door to protect your home. Read our tips below:

    MakYour Patio Doors More Secure

    Tips on How to Make Your Patio Doors More Secure

    1. The door barricade is one of the first security measures to take, and it’s suitable for more than just patio doors. All types of construction make it possible to secure a regular entrance. This simple solution is composed of two pieces manufactured from rigid aluminum. One of them is fixed to the floor, while the other one is installed only when needed. It serves as a barrier that prevents opening the door. This barricade is too hard to break. So, when you are inside, the noise will be undoubtedly heard. Even if the house is empty, it will cause intruders to leave without taking anything.
    2. The security bar is another safety precaution. It can be used along with the barricade to create as many obstacles as possible. It’s essential to select one of a highly rigid material, as well as to properly install it. One of the benefits of this bar is that it is visible from the outside, so a burglar will hardly dare to intrude. The only way to get in is by breaking the glass. Most intruders will not resort to such actions.
    3. The concealed lock is a compromise of both safety and style. It can be used in line with a security bar or a regular lock. The main idea is to create a lot of obstacles, hidden and visible, for an intruder. These hindrances should be installed in multiple points around the perimeter of the entrance. The advantage of the concealed lock is its invisibility from the outside, as well as from the inside. Even if a burglar manages to open one lock, a concealed one will prevent him or her from getting in. Besides, a thief will not even know where it is unless they exert force, thus, risking being heard and caught.
    4. Reinforcing the glass should be taken into account to safeguard against thieves as well as protect you and your children. Kids often get hit by the doors or walls. If a child falls into it, the glass can crash into pieces and injure a baby. However, a sliding door should not be as dangerous. Polymer interlayer is used between two layers of glass, which makes it stronger and more durable. Even if it is broken, thanks to the film inside, the glass will not crash into pieces. Alternatives are annealed and toughened types of glass. They are produced in different ways, but the most important is that they require much force to break. Thus, you can be sure that your kid is safe, while a burglar will not get into the house.
    5. The protection film is a cheaper option, and it’s very similar to the process of manufacturing toughened glass. The only difference is that in this case, the film is applied to the glass. To fulfill its function, it is recommended to ask a professional to apply this film, otherwise, it can be distorted. You can also order a darker shade so that the lighting in the living room is softer and more comfortable for your eyes.
    6. Longer hinges help to make this type of entrance almost impenetrable. Considering the installation of this door, the company where you order it will most likely ask you about the length of the hinges you choose. Learning how to secure sliding patio doors should be considered before installing them. Hinges of three inches or more should be ordered. If the regular ones have been ordered, it’s worth replacing them. The cost of longer hinges is nothing in comparison to the safety of the residents and the protection of property.
    7. The door alarm is one of the most effective ways to prevent a thief from breaking in. This is especially helpful if homeowners are away on vacation. An alarm system will not only loudly warn all the neighbors about an intruder but also will call the police or the security company, so they can arrive at the house within several minutes. An alarm can be additionally equipped with a hidden camera transmitting the image 24/7 and with floodlights, which will switch on when movement is detected. Modern cameras make it possible to get connected from a smartphone, so the owners don’t have to worry about their homes. They can check it anytime they want. Floodlights have one disadvantage, though. The movement-detection sensor will trigger even if it’s a dog, cat, or large bird that approaches the door, which might make the homeowner worried for no reason.
    8. The roller shutter creates an additional barrier for those who may try getting into the house. It’s important to choose those which can be opened and closed by remote control. The shutters will not only secure patio doors but also create a more intimate atmosphere in the room. Even though the doors look out onto the backyard, someone may have peeping eyes. This is not a cheap solution, especially if you’re selecting rigid and resistant materials. It’s worth it, though, for the security and personal space.
    9. Door and window grilles are not as commonplace now as they used to be in the past. However, what can be more durable than a metal grid? To pass through it, a thief will have to bring heavy tools with them. Besides, trying to remove them will create a noise that will be heard by the owners or neighbors.

    If you’re considering a grille for a door, go for either sliding or foldable so that the entrance is secured. It should also be equipped with a reliable lock. With that taken care of, what intruder will dare attempt to break into the house?

    The recommendations on how to secure a French patio door should be considered before installing one. It’s easier to do everything at once than to refit and equip with additional accessories later.

    The security of this door not only helps to protect against intruders but also maintain the safety of children and owners of the house. That is why the above recommendations should not be ignored.
    Combining several different protection measures, let’s say a camera, concealed lock, and long hinges will create a barrier that will make your home impenetrable by not only amateur thieves but also by professional ones. The door may look easy to break into at first sight, but it will be safe and protected.

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