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    What is the best fiber cement siding brand?

    Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.
    Qualifications: More than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial exterior remodeling.
    Founding farther of Legacy Service.
    Written by LegacyUSA Team

    posted on Feb 07, 2020

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    Ah, fiber cement. It’s designed to look like wood, but it’s more durable and long-lasting than most types of siding. If you’ve been strongly considering purchasing a type of fiber cement siding for your residential exterior, then you’re probably wondering which is the best brand.

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    At Legacy Service, we’d like to help you pick the best fiber cement siding brand for you. There are a variety of options, and they’re each good in their own ways, but it’s all about finding the right one for your home. In this article, we’re going to cover what fiber cement siding is, compare different brands, and answer your most frequently asked questions. To schedule an appointment, call us at 215-798-9790 or visit

    What is fiber cement siding?

    Fiber cement siding is a durable material made from wood fiber, cement, sand, and other components. Since homeowners began using it a few decades ago, it has revolutionized the residential siding business because it offers the best of many worlds, meaning that it’s not only aesthetically appealing, but it’s also long-lasting due to its fire-resistant and highly durable material.

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    While fiber cement siding isn’t exactly inexpensive, it is a good investment in the long run and will offer a high resale value. The appearance of fiber cement cladding consists of overlapping horizontal boards that imitate wooden siding, shingles, and clapboard.

    Why is it so popular?

    Fiber cement has been increasing in popularity over the past few decades. The reason for this is that it offers plenty of advantages, from its appearance to its durability. If you’re a fan of the authentic wood siding look but would rather have siding that’s more durable, then fiber cement is a fantastic choice. It also looks as beautiful as vinyl, but it can be painted (unlike vinyl) if you ever decide you want to change the color. Last but not least, fiber cement is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional aluminum or vinyl siding since its low maintenance requirements create very little waste.

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    Most popular brands?

    With fiber cement siding, you’ll find that there are plenty of high-quality options that you can choose for your house. Some of the most common brands include:

    In the section below, we’re going to review some of the top fiber cement siding manufacturers by identifying their history, pros and cons, and costs. They include James Hardie, Nichiha, Allura, and GAF. At Legacy Service, we work with those brands, and we’d like to help you decide which one is best for you.

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    Brand Comparisons

    James Hardie

    James Hardie is the most well-known fiber cement siding brand, and for good reason. James Hardie’s HardiePlank has become synonymous with fiber cement siding due to its dominance in the industry. Let’s take a closer look:

    History: This company was originally founded in 1888, but it didn’t start out with fiber cement siding. In fact, the 1980s is when they invented fiber cement technology. Since then, the company has been designing and manufacturing products that use its durability, strength, and versatility.

    Pros: People choose James Hardie for its long list of benefits. Our favorites include its longevity, appearance, storm-resistance, and fire-resistance.

    Cons: Most types of siding have at least a few cons. James Hardie’s include its high installation and labor costs.

    Cost: James Hardie board siding typically costs between $0.70 and $5.25 per square foot.

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    Never heard of it? You’re not alone. Nichiha is a lesser-known brand of fiber cement siding that has just recently been increasing in popularity in the United States since it started manufacturing siding for residential buildings.

    History: Nichiha is a Japanese company that was founded in the mid-1950s, originally producing fiber cement siding mainly for commercial properties. Now, they also offer several traditional shingles and shakes for residential properties. The company excels in providing modern-style residences with fiber cement panels and boards.

    Pros: Some people consider Nichiha siding to be superior for these reasons: It replicates the look of real wood, it offers high-quality durability, its architectural panels are a one of a kind product, and it’s environmentally-friendly.

    Cons: The disadvantages of Nichiha include: It has limited availability across the United States, and many residential siding contractors have never even heard of it.

    Cost: For the materials and installation of most Nichiha products, you can expect to spend about $7.50-10.00 per square foot.


    Allura is another popular brand that manufactures fiber cement siding, with products that include lap siding, shingles, and vertical siding. We’ll discuss the details below:

    History: Allura began with CertainTeed, which is a company that has a hand in many types of building and remodeling products. However, CertainTeed decided to get out of the fiber cement business altogether, and they sold the division to Elementia, a Mexican consortium. Under Elementia, Allura has been thriving ever since.

    Pros: One of Allura’s most significant advantages is the fact that it has a wide range of accessory products. If you choose this brand, you’ll have trim and soffits in more than 30 matching pre-painted colors and stains.

    Cons: Depending on the specific product, Allura materials can cost 15-30% more than James Hardie materials. It’s also thicker, so it weighs more and can be more difficult to install.

    Cost: The average total cost for Allura siding materials and installation supplies is typically about $4.20 per square foot.


    Under their general WeatherSide™ brand, GAF focuses on one particular side of the fiber cement business: siding shingles. If you’re thinking about siding installation or replacement, you’ll want to consider GAF.

    History: GAF was founded as the Standard Paint Company in 1886. By 1967, the company was under the name The RUBEROID Co., and one of their engineers developed the new Timberline shingle, which is now America’s best-selling shingle. During the same year, RUBEROID merged with GAF and adopted the GAF name.

    Pros: GAF is a trusted brand name throughout America. Homeowners choose GAF WeatherSide™ for their fiber cement siding because it’s safe and durable, has a classic look, boasts a unique design, can be installed quickly and easily replaced, and provides you with peace of mind.

    Cons: GAF WeatherSide™ may be expensive for some homeowners.

    Cost: Prices may fluctuate, but typically for GAF WeatherSide™ siding you can expect to buy planks for about $0.70 to $5.25 per square foot.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of your most frequently asked questions:

    How good is fiber cement siding?

    Fiber cement siding has plenty of advantages. If you’re looking for cladding that is durable and long-lasting, won’t succumb to pests, is available primed and painted, and has aesthetic appeal, consider fiber cement. If you contact our team at Legacy Service, we’ll help you choose the brand that will be best for your home and budget.

    How much does fiber cement cost?

    Fiber cement siding typically costs more than traditional vinyl siding, but many homeowners believe that it’s worth the higher price. Different brands will have varying prices, but you can probably expect to pay between $0.70 to $5.25 per square foot.

    Does fiber cement increase home value?

    Yes, fiber cement siding helps increase your home value for many of the reasons listed above. It’s designed to last longer than vinyl siding, it adds to your home’s curb appeal, and it helps to reduce energy costs.

    How often does fiber cement need to be painted?

    Fiber cement is known for its ability to resist rot and endure harsh conditions. If it’s been painted properly, it can usually hold its finish for at least 7-15 years. Unless something happens that quickens its rate of deterioration, you can expect your fiber cement to last for about a decade.

    How long does fiber cement last?

    Fiber cement is known to be more durable than vinyl and wood. It’s resistant to water, termites, and fire. It does require some maintenance, but this material can last for up to 50 years when properly taken care of.

    What Brand Should You Get?

    Although all of the fiber cement brands are fantastic choices for any homeowner, there are no technical ratings, but we do tend to install James Hardie the most. We suggest doing your research to see which type would work best with your home and budget. You can also contact our team here at Legacy Service to schedule a consultation. Reach us at 215-798-9790 or

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