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    Replace Skylights When Replacing Your Roof

    Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.
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    Written by LegacyUSA Team

    posted on Sep 24, 2019

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    No matter why you need to replace your roof, you should consider changing the skylights as well. You may be wondering, “Why?” What’s beneficial about making all the replacements in one go? Well, it makes everything easier. Apart from saving money, you’ll automatically resolve any issues with seal failure, leaks, and rot, and you’ll have improved energy efficiency, as well as daylight and fresh air. Let’s dig deeper into this question and discuss each benefit in detail.

    Change Your Skylights When Replacing Your Roof

    Should I Change the Skylights When I Get a New Rooftop?

    Many people are not ready to pay for a roof and home skylight replacement together. They think that it’s a waste of money and that the two processes should be better handled separately. We’re going to dispel this myth and explain why the two changes should be done in one go.

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    At first glance, skylights seem to be a simple glass structure. However, they’re actually complex technological products. After all, the dormer-window is the part located directly in the slope of the roof and must withstand almost the same loads as the roof itself. Skylights are exposed to wind, solar radiation, and sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, and hail, so they must be rigid and have heat-insulating properties throughout their lifespan. In other words, skylights are a high-tech product that should be changed if it’s getting old or not working properly.

    It’s recommended to replace your skylight along with your new roof for several reasons:

    • It saves money in the long-run.
    • It resolves rotting issues.
    • It helps prevent seal failure.
    • It improves energy efficiency.
    • It brings in daylight and fresh air.

    So, what will you get when replacing skylights? Is there anything you should take into account when performing the change?

    Replacement Cost

    There’s no fixed price when it comes to changing your skylights. The replacement cost of skylights depends on a number of factors and can be easily regulated by you as a customer. Thus, the system type, window size, construction/glass material, installation process, and the company you hire all determine the price you pay. However, there are some tips on how to save money on the skylight replacement.

    The price of reflashing your skylight ranges from $200-600 per piece, while changing the skylight itself may cost you between $800-1,500. Again, the fare is contingent on the type you plan to install. In case you have a roof with several skylights to be replaced, the price for a single unit gets even smaller. At this point, you can save even more if you think more globally. A setting of a new roof along with skylights altogether will cost you less money than taking apart your new roof to change the old skylights in a few years.

    Replace Your Skylights

    #1 Money-Saving Factor

    Changing skylights along with the roof is a great solution for optimizing costs. You won’t have to pay for the double work of replacing the roof, and then uncovering the new roof to put a skylight and covering it back up. If you don’t change it in one go, you will have to pay extra for a skylight reflashing, which also costs a lot.

    #2 Leaking

    Every skylight life expectancy is diverse and deteriorates while being in service. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on the skylight condition unless it breaks and damages the entire premises. The most common issue caused by broken skylights is roof leaking and blue stain fungus on the walls and ceiling. The latter is extremely difficult to remove. What’s more, staying in such premises for a few weeks and months is dangerous for your health. To prevent this situation from happening, we recommend replacing broken parts on time. Do it in one go with roof replacement as a skylight can leak after a new roof is in place. Your property safety and health of your loved ones are not things to risk.

    #3 Rotting

    If you’re too late with the roof and skylight change, and blue stain fungus is already damaging the walls, it’s impossible for you to avoid rotting. What does it mean? The part of the building is being constantly ruined. For improvement of this condition, you’ll need to invest a lot of money on removing stain fungus as well as replacing the damaged window.

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    #4 Improved Energy Efficiency

    On-time roof and skylight replacement leads to improved energy efficiency of the entire building. Furthermore, since there are no air or heat leaks, you can even save money on facility heating costs. You can rest assured that your kids won’t wake up at night because of cold air or no one your family will catch a cold from the draft. Order energy efficient skylight replacement in advance to optimize the family budget.

    #5 Daylight and Fresh Air

    Modern skylights are high-functioning, have different opening systems, and can be made of different types of glass. This all makes it possible for you to get even more light and fresh air than before. Some of them do not have any stop systems, so you can open them as you want. A variety of colors and materials allows for picking skylights that will perfectly match both the interior and exterior of your building.

    You Want More Skylights in Your Roof?

    A roof with a skylight or multiple skylights looks stylish, romantic, and even creative. Another good thing is that modern skylight systems are highly technological and do not cause energy/heat leakage. So, you risk nothing when putting more skylights in the roof. On top of that, there is a chance for you to save money on the replacement/installation process. The more skylights you replace, the less the price will be per unit. Save even more when ordering a bundle of services for roof and skylight replacement.

    What Does It All Mean?

    Obviously, roof and skylight replacement is far from being the cheapest service today. However, when doubting whether to do all the replacements altogether or take a step-by-step approach, weigh the pros and cons. Calculate all the potential costs and expenses you will have to handle and think about the amount of money you’ll save if you do all of the replacements on time.

    The best advice would be to do the inspection yourself or to order the services of an expert to evaluate the condition of the roof and skylights. As an extra benefit, you can also request price consultation and expert recommendations on what skylight systems to choose.

    It is never a good idea to risk your property, family budget, and health of your loved ones. Contact our Legacy Service team today to learn more about replacing your skylight.

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    Posted on Sep 24, 2019 in Roof

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