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    Copper Roofing - The Ultimate Guide for Homeowners

    Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.
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    Written by LegacyUSA Team

    posted on Sep 09, 2019

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    What You Need to Know Before Installing Copper Roofing

    If you live in an area that’s home to plenty of historic buildings, you’ll probably find that many of them have copper roofs. This is probably because copper is one of the oldest metals used by people, and it’s also one of the longest-lasting roofing materials. It has been known to last for hundreds of years in some buildings! Not only that, but it also has a timeless beauty that can accentuate modern homes as well as historic ones. If you’re thinking of using copper roof material for your property, look no further than our team at Legacy Service. We’ll work with you to determine the best approach for installing your roof.

    Copper Roofing

    Different Types of Copper Roofs

    Fortunately, it’s possible to install a copper roof on almost every type of building, from luxury homes to elegant commercial buildings. But before you begin, make sure to look at the different choices and contact our Legacy Service team so that we can advise you on which type would work best for your building. The three most common types include:

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    Shingles are the most common type of copper roofing material because they’re cheaper than the others. They’re hand-applied, like other types of shingles, but the installer needs to be careful to prevent damage to copper’s soft surface. They’ll also require copper fasteners to prevent any metallurgical reactions that could happen if another metal product comes in contact with the copper on the roof.

    Continuous Roofing

    This is the most expensive option because it’s a specialty application that’s typically created for a specific job. To install, the roofer will lay out sheets of copper on the roof’s surface, and it’ll be assembled in one piece without the use of seams or joints.


    Panels tend to be less expensive than continuous roofing but more expensive than shingles. They consist of sectional sheets in standard widths, and they’re hand-installed with visible seams. Some of the seams are welded or brazed on-site while others are crimped in a process called standing seam copper roofing.

    Defects and Roofing Repairs

    Whether you know from personal experience or other people, you probably understand that roofing repairs can be time-consuming and expensive, especially since the need for them is usually unexpected. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about all of that with copper roofing. This type of roofing material will never rust or corrode, and it won’t require any repainting throughout its lifespan.

    How to Clean Outdoor Copper

    Our advice for cleaning a copper roof: Don’t do it at all because there’s no need. In fact, one of the worst things you can do is pressure wash or scrub hard enough to disturb the material’s natural protection. A regular hosing down is enough to remove leaves, bird droppings, and dirt that have accumulated.

    However, if you want to see that fresh, coppery look every few years, we suggest using an organic, citrus-based cleaner with water and a soft brush. This can help clean the roof without removing the finish. You may want to get advice from your local roofing company before you start doing any cleaning, though.

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    How Long Will a Copper Roof Last?

    This type is considered to be the longest-lasting roofing material that you can install. It can remain impeccably intact for centuries. Since the average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 years, most people don’t believe it when they first hear how long these roofs can last.

    Copper roofing is the longest-lasting roofing material that you can install

    Advantages of a Copper Roof

    Most property owners who choose copper roofing will agree that the benefits outweigh the costs. Here are some of the advantages:


    Copper is the only roofing material that will improve with age since it builds up a protective film that works as a shield as it grows older. It can also withstand all of the natural elements, from pouring rain to raging winds.


    Another reason owners choose copper roofing is for its low maintenance needs. In most cases, they do not require any maintenance, although some homeowners choose to clean them occasionally.

    Architectural Appeal

    Not only are these roofs elegant, but they’re also the only way to complement certain architectural styles. If you’re set on significantly increasing your home’s curb appeal, copper is the way to go.


    If you’re in an area that has a high risk of forest fires, you’ll probably want a copper roof since it takes a substantial amount of heat to distort the metal, let alone destroy it.

    Disadvantages of a Copper Roof

    The biggest drawbacks of choosing this type of roofing include its high cost, the difficulty of finding big enough quantities to cover large roofs, and the low availability of roofers who will work with it. Our Legacy Service team will work with it, though.

    How Much Does a Copper Roof Cost?

    Although there’s no set cost, you should expect it to be more expensive than any other type. The total cost will depend on the style, material, and amount of area you need to cover. Today, it’s rare when an entire roof gets covered in copper. Instead, sections such as porches, towers, and bay windows will get the copper roof.

    Advice for Installation

    Without proper installation, even the best roofing materials will fail. Copper is no exception. Since you’ll be spending a lot, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right, so make sure you hire a good contractor with plenty of experience in this type of material. The good news is that you’ve found it here at Legacy Service.

    Schedule Your Roofing Appointment Today

    If you’re considering a copper roof, we’d like to help you get started. To schedule your roofing appointment, give us a call today at 215-798-9790 or contact us online. We can’t wait to get started on your magnificent copper roof.

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    Posted on Sep 09, 2019 in Roof

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