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    Fiber Glass vs Wood Windows

    Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.
    Qualifications: More than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial exterior remodeling.
    Founding farther of Legacy Service.
    Written by LegacyUSA Team

    posted on May 07,2019

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    When shopping for replacement windows or windows for new construction, homeowners are faced with several different window frame materials to choose from. Our project experts at Legacy Service constantly get calls every day with homeowners asking which type of window is best for their home. Most buyers are usually trying to choose between two types of windows; fiberglass and wood. The right answer is always dependent on the homeowners’ needs and a few key traits of their home. Both windows have great benefits but it’s truly up to the homeowner to weigh out the pros and cons to make the right decision for their home. Our experts compared both the benefits and drawbacks of each window so you can know which window is best for you.

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    Fiberglass windows are fairly new and have become more popular just within the last decade. They are made from fiberglass strands that are professionally fed through a synthetic resin and then pulled through a steel die. The strands are then heated to form a strong material that can be used for windows and doors. Wooden windows have been around for hundreds of years and due to their classic look and durability, they have withstood the test of time. Most standard wood windows are made out of pine but other types of wood are also used. Neither window is superior to another, but which window is best for your home?




    Fiberglass and wood windows both have great qualities when it comes to strength and durability. The strength of fiberglass windows come from the glass pane and fiberglass working together to form a strong barrier against outside elements. Harsh weather and extreme temperatures have little to no effect on fiberglass. This makes them less susceptible to expansion and contraction which could lead to warping and cracking. That also means there will never be operational issues like trouble opening or closing them like many windows face after warping. A professionally installed high-quality fiberglass window will last you 50 years or more. If you only want to deal with replacing your windows once in the lifetime of owning your home, Fiberglass windows are a great way to go.

    With how long homeowners have been using wood windows, it’s no surprise that they have an extensive lifespan and great integrity. Wood is known as one of the oldest building materials and continues to be used for windows and many other products. On the other hand, being an organic material, wood is more attractive to bugs and is not safe from warping, rotting, and expanding when extreme temperatures occur. Some of the issues that can occur with wood windows can be avoided with routine maintenance and repair. With the right care, professionally manufactured and quality installed wood windows have an average lifespan of 20 years.



    Maintenance requirements are a big selling point for window manufacturers and can also make or break a buyer’s decision. When it comes to which window is easier to maintain, fiberglass is definitely a winner. Although when properly finished, wood windows can last for many years, they do require routine maintenance to keep them looking their best. Being an organic material, wood windows can be prone to rotting and splitting if not cared for correctly. It’s very important to regularly wash your windows and check for damage to avoid the need for major repairs in the future. On the contrary, fiberglass is an inorganic material and requires barely any maintenance to keep a newly installed look. Occasionally wiping down your fiberglass windows will keep them looking great.


    Energy Efficiency

    Wood and Fiberglass are both known to be insulating materials. High-quality wood and fiberglass windows will offer exceptional energy efficiency options and will save you money when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Because fiberglass can resist expanding and contracting, the level of energy efficiency never degrades and your windows will always keep a tight seal. Also, the frame of fiberglass windows is hollow which allows installers to insert an insulative foam to increase efficiency. When wood windows are properly sealed, they won’t crack and that will stop air from entering your home so you won’t see a fluctuation in your energy bills. If energy efficiency is a big concern as you’re shopping for windows, remember that windows are only as efficient as their installation. Even if you spend the money on the most highly acclaimed energy efficient windows, you will not benefit from their qualities if they are poorly installed. Both wood and fiberglass can help you lower your energy bills if you choose the right contractor for installation.



    New windows can change the look of your home completely. Aesthetic value is a very important factor for many homeowners who are on the search for new windows. Whichever material you choose, a newly installed window will give your home a fresh look. Wood windows have a well-known reputation for their beauty and classic features. They instantly add a sense of elegance and warmth that other materials simply can’t provide. Although fiberglass windows don’t have the natural look that wood offers, they do also come in great styles that can make your home look amazing. There are different options for trim and hardware combinations that you can choose from with fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows can also be made to mimic the look of wood to give your home a nice cozy look. If you have an older or historic home, wood windows are a great compliment to its style, if your home is more modern, fiberglass will give it a contemporary look. Depending on the style of your home, either window can look great.



    Budget is very important when looking for new construction or replacement windows. Window projects can be fairly expensive so it’s a relief to save money where you can. Wood windows have unique highly sought after qualities which also means they’ll be more pricier than fiberglass windows. Maintenance costs also make wood windows cost more over time, but they will ultimately increase the resale value of your home due to their originality. Fiberglass windows are not as expensive as wood windows, yet they are still on the high-end side of window materials. They are more expensive than materials like vinyl and aluminum but due to their lifespan and low maintenance qualities, they end up saving you more money down the road. Depending on what features you are looking for, you’ll want to put money in whichever material you’ll benefit from the most.


    Benefits of Wood Windows Benefits of Fiberglass Windows
    Great insulation Low maintenance
    Unique Aesthetic Less Expensive
    Environmentally Friendly Energy Efficient
    Longevity Longevity


    Drawbacks of Wood Windows Drawbacks of Fiberglass Windows
    More Expensive Less style availability
    High Maintenance Colors easily fade
    Vulnerable to insects and bad weather Can easily scratch

    Windows come in many different types of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. Looking for new windows can start off as confusing when trying to choose what’s best for your home. If you’re trying to decide between fiberglass or wood windows, take your time to think about the pros and cons of each before jumping into a decision. If you still find yourself wondering which is best for your home, you can give the project consultants at Legacy Service USA a call and they will happily help you with making a decision.

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    Posted on May 07,2019 in Roof

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