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French Windows and Doors - Everything You Need to Know

Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.
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posted on Sep 15, 2019

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Large glass surfaces, especially French windows, have recently started gaining in popularity. Lots of people would like to install French windows and doors in their homes, but some don’t accept large-scale glazing. The fears of having large-scale windows are primarily associated with heat loss, privacy restriction, and easier access to break into a house.

French Windows and- Doors

French Windows Review

What are French windows?

They are a type of window that reaches the floor. They give the homeowner an all-round view, otherwise called a panoramic. French windows in an apartment or a house is a dream of every owner since they create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

A French window opens the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Wonderful views often increase the cost of the property and make the house more attractive. Large-scale glazing expands the space and also makes the place brighter.

The advantages of choosing French windows include:

  • They’re beautiful and unique.
  • They let in more light than an ordinary window (especially relevant for apartments with windows facing the north side).
  • By installing a French window on the balcony and combining it with the room, you get an enlarged living space in the Parisian style.

The interior opens to the outside world, and the border between inside and outside is almost completely erased. People who choose this will find that there is nothing nicer than a beautiful surrounding view. Large-scale glazing is especially tempting for homeowners. Mostly, French windows are installed in the living room, but they can also be used for private spaces, such as a bedroom or bathroom. In such a case, it’s necessary to take measures to ensure confidentiality to maintain appropriate harmony with the street and neighboring buildings. Thanks to its aesthetics, the French window is a smart investment.

Installing French Windows

Panoramic windows are installed to take up almost the entire wall, and they look great in country houses. It’s also possible to install such windows in standard apartments.

Most often, panoramic windows are mounted on a wall facing the loggia or balcony. Fitting French windows means that the window area shouldn’t occupy more than 10% of the entire room. Full glazing is only possible for non-load-bearing walls. Special attention should be paid to the fittings selection so that the sashes can withstand a significant load. Don’t also forget about the window well French drain.

Frames can be fiberglass or wooden, glazing — single or divided into separate sections. Specialists should be involved in developing a complex and large French window dimension design.

The installation of such complex construction should be thought-out. Pay attention to and consider the different construction and installation technology. Don’t work by yourself — use support, and utilize only the best materials for the best results.

French doors

French Doors Review

What is the French door? French doors provide a minimum amount of privacy but have a decorative purpose. However, they are popular among people who are looking for ways to bring more natural light to their house.

Initially, French doors were installed in rich houses where the rooms adjoined the patio, a cozy inner yard with a luxurious landscape, fountains, flowers, and walkways. The door practically connected the small house microcosm and the vast world of nature. The French door erased visible boundaries and added more light to the house. Now, such doors are used everywhere: they connect the living room with the dining room and kitchen, the bedroom with a balcony, the hall with a terrace in a country house. Although the cost of French doors is quite expensive, they are becoming more popular because of their functionality.

Their pros are:

  • Stylishness
  • Flexibility in their installation
  • The visual connection between rooms
  • Lots of daylight

Thanks to the glass covering, they almost look invisible. As for style, these doors look great in any interior — starting with classic and ending with HI-Tech. Some people choose French doors for their balconies. Such a connection is formed between the interior, which is the room and the balcony space.

Standard French door dimensions start at 1 foot 6 inches, and they increase in 2-inch increments until they reach 3-feet wide. The stock height is 6 feet 8 inches, 7 feet, and 8 feet.

French Door Types

French doors in the house are divided into two types: entrance and interior. The first ones are made of fiberglass, which looks both beautiful and modern, and also creates the necessary insulation for sound. The entrance to a French door is hermetically closed, likewise, it doesn’t swell or deform under the temperature and humidity influence due to the synthetic material. For a country house, this option is perfect, and if you’re worried about security, you can additionally equip the door with a lock and reliable fittings to feel protected.

Interior French doors, as a rule, are made of natural wood. If it’s not within the bathroom entrance, there is no reason to worry that wood will swell or shrink over time. The wooden French door will look sophisticated in any interior; it makes the room brighter and airier. The French door in the house indicates refined taste.

Swing is the most common type of French door. Such patio doors are suitable for large, spacious houses. They are easy to install and look elegant. This type of door will fit into the living room because open doors look welcoming to any guest.

Sliding French doors is a great option for those who want to save space. They open with a slight glide to the side, taking no extra space. You can put any piece of furniture and equipment next to such a door; it will not interfere with the sliding system operation. A sliding French door looks great in modern interiors.

There is another type of French door — folding. The door opens and closes like a concertina. Along with being unique, this door is a good option for those who are willing to save space.

French Doors Installation

You will likely have to expand the balcony opening before the installation, and you might even need to dismantle the balcony block. It’s worth keeping in mind that this may require coordination with a management company. If you neglect this issue, there may be problems when selling an apartment.

Installation work should be entrusted to specialists if you don’t have your own experience in carrying out such work. Hiring professionals is the best solution because they will have a set of specialized equipment. Moreover, the only way to get a guarantee is to hire experienced staff. If you are going to carry out the installation process by yourself, you should make sure all measurements are carried out accurately.

French doors only have two disadvantages. The first one is the need for regular maintenance. Dust often settles on glass surfaces, and fingerprints and other marks may appear. However, modern specialized tools make it possible for you to clean glass without making any effort. The second disadvantage is the rather high price, but fortunately, these doors are meant to last for years to come.

Transform your house or apartment by installing French windows and doors. If you intend to install a French door on the balcony, you should read detailed information about them first. You will need to obtain permits from the relevant authorities and consider the heating issue in advance. As for private house building, it’s necessary to take such nuances as construction material, opening, ventilation, and heating method into account at the design stage.

Posted on Sep 15, 2019 in Roof

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