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    Nichiha Panels - Types and Styles, Pros & Cons, Installation Tips

    Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.
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    Written by LegacyUSA Team

    posted on Oct 2, 2020

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    Nichiha Wall Panels

    If you’re looking for fiber cement siding, but you still haven’t chosen “the one,” consider Nichiha USA as one of your options. This brand has been increasing in popularity over recent years, especially by people with residential homes. The reasons why are obvious. They provide high performance, versatility, and sustainability you need for any construction or design requirement.

    This article is your buyer’s guide to Nichiha wall panels. We’ll discuss the history, pros, cons, costs, and more so that you have the information you need to make the choice you deserve. If you looking for siding replacement services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Legacy Service.

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    Nichiha History

    Nichiha Corporation was founded in Japan in 1956, where they started out making wood fiber boards. By 1974, they transitioned into making fiber cement exteriors. The brand eventually reached markets in the United States in 1998. In 2016, Nichiha exceeded their sales goals in the U.S. and had record-breaking revenue progression. Today, Nichiha is one of the leading siding suppliers, aiming to double the size of their U.S. company since they have grown 15% over five years.

    If you’re interested in Nichiha architectural wall panels for your home, please feel free to get in touch with our team. We provide siding installation and replacement services for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

    Nichiha Siding Products

    Nichiha has a variety of products to consider for your house. They include:

    • NichiPanel – NichiPanels are ideal for those on a budget because they can cover large areas quickly and economically. They’re available in four unique textures (smooth, grooved, stucco, and cedar) and three different sizes.
    • Nichiha Illumination – Designed mainly for premium homes, these panels have a smooth, satin finish and can be painted in just about any color. Using Nichiha’s Color Xpressions system, you’ll be able to choose virtually any color to create the perfect aesthetic for your home.
    • Vintage Wood – Panels are available in Cedar or Bark finish if you prefer the appearance of wood. They look wonderful with both rustic and modern architectural styles.
    • Architectural Block – Nichiha’s Architectural Block is the perfect type of siding for a modular look. Its panels are available in three stunning colors, including Gray, Mocha, and Tuscan. They look nice when paired with other siding materials like metal, glass, or wood.

    Nichiha Wall Panels

    Nichiha panels have a number of features that set them apart from other fiber cement siding products. The features include:

    • They provide an engineered Nichiha rainscreen and have an innovative moisture management system.
    • They’re available in a wide variety of textures and finishes, including but not limited to stone, wood, metallic, and brick panels.
    • They have a thin profile (⅝ inch thick).

    Contact us for more information about Nichiha siding installation.

    Nichiha Wall Panels Types and Styles

    Types and Styles

    Nichiha has an ever-expanding selection of types and styles, finishes and textures. Some of our favorites include:

    • Designer Series – Illumination™ Panel – This series of Nichiha fiber cement panels is best described as sleek, vibrant, and bold. When its matched with Color Xpressions, Illumination™ has a color palette that’s practically limitless.
    • Metallic Series – Ribbed™ Panel – Nichiha Ribbed™ Panels have a unique texture and premium metallic finish that makes them the ideal complement to any project. They are designed to break up space and add sophistication to overall design aesthetics.
    • Modern Series – Architectural™ Block – Nichiha Architectural™ Blocks offer a clean, modular look and versatile choice for both residential and commercial projects. It’s also a durable and cost-effective solution.


    Nichiha has been steadily increasing in popularity over recent years for a variety of reasons. The advantages of Nichiha installation for your house include:

    • It has high durability – Nichiha’s residential products are known to have a higher durability than other fiber cement products. An example of this is when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey. Nichiha siding owners did not report damage while those with other brands did.
    • Its architectural panels are one-of-a-kind – Nichiha architectural panels not only offer an extensive array of texture, style, and color, but they’re also faster and easier to install than other fiber cement siding types.
    • It’s more environmentally-friendly than other brands – Nichiha fiber cement is designed to minimize the negative environmental impact of their siding products.


    Nichiha fiber cement siding also has a few problems. The disadvantages include:

    • There are fewer Nichiha certified installers – Many siding contractors don’t even know Nichiha, so they may refuse to install it. In many cases, they’ll recommend James Hardie instead if you’re looking for fiber cement siding. However, you can contact Nichiha’s customer service line, and they might be able to put you in touch with a local installer.
    • Some of their products have limited availability in the U.S. – Some Nichiha products are hard to find in the United States. The architectural wall panels are typically available everywhere in the U.S. and Canada, but NichiProducts are only available in certain states.
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    Cost to Install

    Nichiha typically offers competitive pricing, especially compared to other top fiber cement siding brands, such as James Hardie and Allura. In most cases, it will cost about $7.5-10 per sq.ft. on the installation and materials for most of their products.

    Nichiha Installation Tips

    Installation Tips

    Nichiha panels are typically faster and easier to install than other types of siding brands. You can contact Nichiha’s customer service team to see where you can find a local installer.

    FAQ: Nichiha Wall Panels

    Nichiha wall panels have been steadily increasing in popularity over recent years, but many people still don’t know much about it. Here’s a list of some of the questions we’re most frequently asked about this type of siding:

    How much does Nichiha siding cost?

    This can depend on a number of factors, including where you live, the type of home you own, and the product you choose. However, we’ve found that Nichiha fiber cement siding has affordable prices compared to other brands. It will usually cost between $7.5-10 per sq.ft. for the materials and installation.

    What is Nichiha made of?

    Fiber cement panels from this brand are typically made from a combination of recycled materials, cement, silica, fly ash, and wood fibers. The brand puts in a lot of effort to be more environmentally-friendly than other brands. They do this by using less silica and more fly ash in their fiber cement formulation.

    Where is Nichiha siding made?

    Their siding was originally made in Japan, since it was founded there in 1956. However, the company expanded to the United States in 1998, establishing headquarters in Johns Creek, GA as Nichiha USA. In 2007, they built a manufacturing plant in Macon, GA, where they continue to make products today.

    How thick is Nichiha siding?

    It may depend on the product you choose, but their architectural panels tend to have a thin profile (typically ⅝ inches thick). Contractors also usually report that Nichi Panels and Shakes are thicker and stronger than other fiber cement brands.

    Who Should Choose Nichiha Wall Panels

    Who Should Choose Nichiha Wall Panels?

    People who are looking for a customizable and contemporary look should choose Nichiha architectural wall panels. The product is highly customizable, low maintenance, and cost-effective. The problem is that it’s currently more difficult to find in the U.S.

    At Legacy Service, we offer siding replacement and installation services for homeowners throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. If you’re interested in replacing the siding on your home, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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