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    11 Roofing Replacement Tips

    Reviewed by Tomas Kalkys. President.
    Qualifications: More than 20 years of experience in residential and commercial exterior remodeling.
    Founding farther of Legacy Service.
    Written by LegacyUSA Team

    posted on Nov 27, 2019

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    Every homeowner wants to live in a warm, dry and comfortable house. In many ways, it depends on the roof’s condition. If something is wrong with the roof, then these problems will have their effect on the people who live inside. So, in most cases, repair can’t be avoided one way or another.

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    There are three principles of roof durability: competent design, adherence to technology during construction, proper operation and maintenance. If a mistake was made at any of these stages, some details of this structural unit might have been damaged.


    How Often Should a Roof Be Replaced?

    Roofing is exposed to intense outdoor elements, which is why you should have it maintained and inspected regularly. How often you should have it replaced depends on a variety of factors. Roof replacement questions arise in case of:

    • Leaks. If water starts finding its way into the house, you’ll notice it by indirect signs: putrid, musty smell, mold, etc. An important circumstance should be taken into account: If a water stain appears on a ceiling, there may be a crack in the roofing.
    • Roofing leakage. Roofing depressurization leads to wooden elements rotting and the need for roof restoration.
    • Damage. Damage may occur due to a tree branch fall, careless cleaning or snow melting. To identify it on time, that is before leaks appear, the cover must be inspected periodically. Also, the roof covering falling to the ground can point out damage.
    • External roofing damage. Mechanical damage will cause leaks.
    • Color change. If the roof is covered with corrugated board or metal, a color change indicates the burnout of the color coating. No material replacement is necessary. Soft roofing is another thing. Some of its sections change color if the stone powder was washed off. And this is a significant detail protecting fragile material from solar radiation and mechanical effect. Without powder, bitumen roll roofing materials will soon start to crack.
    • Deformations. If a dint appears in the sheet of corrugated board or metal tile, it means protective polymer coating in this place is most likely damaged. Due to this, the steel will gradually be destroyed by rust. Water can linger on covers indents and it will certainly penetrate inside over time.
    • Slate deformation. Low asbestos-cement sheets quality leads to their deformation. It means there’s been a mistake when choosing a material. The type of roofing must match the slope of the roof. If any discrepancy is found, roofing replacement is required.

    Snow and wind also affect the roof’s lifespan. If the installation is carried out without observing the technology, it can not only lead to leaks but also the roof breaking down. Therefore, roof installation should be entrusted to experienced professionals.

    Roof replacement

    Issues You Need to be Aware of Before Replacing an Old Roof

    When choosing materials for your house, combine three methods: find a good builder, talk to one or more potential suppliers, and then look through information and photos online. Basic roof replacement tips:


    Start with a walk around the city, looking at the rooftops. Pay attention not only to new roofs but also to those that have served for 10-15 years. In this regard, you can take a walk through the suburbs. You will save a considerable amount of money by finding out which roofing materials should be paid attention to.

    Hiring a professional

    Rely on the builder’s advice. Roofers are well aware of material quality because it is the aspect that’s significant to them. However, not all builders will delve into other important aspects for the simple reason: They don’t affect their work.

    At the same time, some builders don’t know the basic rules for installing roofing materials, who make mistakes during installation, which then result in serious problems. Before relying on the contractor’s advice and knowledge, check his/her competence, and look at their portfolio and certificates.

    Find qualified roofers near you

    Not a real zip code.

    Selecting materials

    Find out more about the housetop materials varieties, and then make a choice. Roof replacement materials can be divided into metal, ceramic, stone, bitumen, and asbestos.

    How should you decide which material to choose?

    View recommendations and read reviews of these materials on the internet. It’s definitely worth the effort. It’s also worth getting familiar with what the material is made of, its characteristics, purpose, and the possibility of using it for a specific roof structure. Pay attention not only to the aesthetic component but also to important technical indicators. At the same time, remember that it’s impossible to take all of the details into account through consultation online.

    About price and insurance claim

    The cost of roofing accessories and details is up to 50%, or even more, of the total cost. Therefore, it requires providing prices for the entire cover kit along with all of its components. This approach will make it possible for you to avoid a situation where the seller gives a low price for roofing material but sells expensive components.

    The price of everything

    Compare the price of a full set of housetop materials, paying attention to the correspondence between different sellers’ specifications. Comparing different offers, you may notice they have roof accessories and details different in quality and price. Sellers often don’t take one material or the other as well as the type of work into account. It’s also important to add the installation expense to the cost of each roofing job since the installation price varies for different materials.

    Protective coverings

    Insulation will help you keep your house warm. Therefore, replacing the cover, it is important to change the insulation material. Replacing the old insulation when the roofing material is removed is much simpler and cheaper than changing it under the new roof.

    Repair the wood under the roofing

    Professional roof repair involves not just replacing it, but also the ability to carry out any necessary repairs with the wood. Make sure your contractor can solve the problem, as well as provide for such repairs in your agreement. Placing new tiles over defective wood won’t lead to improvement, but only shorten the new roofing materials life span.

    Never “Roof over!”

    In order to save money, you can consider placing a new tile directly on top of the old one, which is called a ‘roof over.’ Yes, you can save on employee fees, but you’ll get additional problems, such as problems with the underlying flooring, which can go unnoticed. A similar method can shorten the lifespan of a new tile due to the heat and moisture accumulation.

    Think about a rain gutter replacement

    Small branches and leaves visible from the gutters, as well as rainwater barely flowing from them, show it’s time to clean the gutters or even change them. Otherwise, moisture will stagnate on the roof, and eventually start getting inside. Clean the gutters manually, throwing garbage on a tarp. It’s suggested cleaning the drainpipes with a long cable at the same time.

    Don’t neglect attic ventilation

    Your roof is constantly exposed to precipitation, wind gusts, and sunlight. Condensation is also dangerous. Properly equipped roof ventilation solves all these problems, and it doesn’t matter whether there is an attic underneath it.

    Warranty and after-sales service

    When checking the metal tile or corrugated board durability, refer to the warranty text. Carefully read the additional warranty information, as well as the list of documents for submitting a complaint. The simpler and clearer the warranty is, the better for you. After all, the supplier will act as it is written in the guarantee, and not as it is described in words.

    Like any other part of your house, your roof requires regular maintenance. Therefore, to make it look good and extend its life span, follow the warranty conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

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    Find qualified roofers near you

    Posted on Nov 27, 2019 in Roof

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